Another Gem in Wisconsin

Another Gem in Wisconsin

Well, on a day that saw it difficult for the temperatures to creep into the ’40s, with the sun playing hide and seek, I still had a great day! I decided to make the short journey north of West Bend, Wi, to Shalom Wildlife Zoo. With Covid, I could not get there last year, so it felt wonderful to be back. The crew there is constantly updating and improving the Zoo, with large tracks for the animals. One of the highlights yesterday was seeing the Dall Sheep bucking heads. The Elk were moving seamlessly through a water hole. And was extremely surprised by the Wolf pair came right up to me when walking by, gave me a quick inspection, and then went back into the brush. It was then I noticed they had two pups, so wonderful to see! The Cougar and the Tigress were keeping an eye on me, and of course, two highlights to me the Bison and the Bears, Lewis, and Clark, who are getting pretty big! Overall an excellent way to spend a day!

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