I will say this year EAA Air Venture was excellent. For the most part, ideal weather. A great line up for the Air shows. Including the A10 Warthog, a plane I’ve shot as a static but never in the air! Shared the experience with a friend, though living in the area for 18 years had never experienced. Glad to say he enjoyed the day! If you enjoy aircraft be it Vintage, Home Build, Warbirds New and Old there is something for everyone at the show! Couple different things I tried this year, which worked somewhat well (but I’m also planning my next rendition of a helper. This year it was a folding wagon. I could carry the Carreras bags, tripods, small cooler with water and Gatorade, and Chairs. You can pick these up for around 50 give or take. Mine has all Terran wheels which worked well, all in all. It was a great solution to carrying everything on my back. My only complained was pulling it for roughly around 8 miles every day is a bit much. The last item I designed out of a folding gift cart was the previous year. The next thing for this will be a Rummage Sale item I just picked up redo, follow me to see updates! Here’s my last observation of the show. I’ve gone since 2014 and spend at least two to four days there. People have always been great. I know people once in a while on the flight line (which has no fence, just a marked strip). Not to cross, they have volunteers who drive up and down it to enforce. These folks are incredibly patient, kind, and in most cases, funny. I would see some folks give them a hard time (when they were ignoring the rules. Please, people, grow up! Move your chair a foot back then when you stretch out your legs in front of you, you will not be over the line. Not exactly rocket science, more like common sense. (But then again I don’t think common sense is common anymore!). Sorry got my vent in! Will I be back next year? You bet! The calendar is Marked!.

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