About The Photographer

  Lance Lemke


I was introduced to photography at a very young age by my Aunt, with passing down her  Fujian X.  Later in my teens, I added a Nikon EM with a few lenses and kept shooting.  My digital journey started with a Nikon D40 and has gone from there with a great passion.  Being a person that likes to be able to control as much as he can in his images development, I’ve found both the digital cameras and the digital darkroom are fulfilling a dream. I’ve always had a lifelong love of Wildlife, and it tends to be a big passion point in my photography.  With my images, I try to portray a sense and a more profound feeling of the subject.   A second passion is Aviation, specify the Aircraft that have protected up throughout the years.  Being a lifelong study of military history, I’m in awe at seeing these classic warbirds at airshows and capturing a small taste of what it must have been like to experience these birds when released.   My images are all about telling a story.



Life outside of Photography

  I live in southern Wisconsin.   I think you will sense that I enjoy all things outdoors.  Second, as to my photography, I enjoy just being out hiking around areas exploring, with the camera it allows the unleashing of that passion for sharing.  I used to also be a pretty keen fisherman with Muskies, the fish of a so-called 1000 casts a passion of mine.  However, due to time constraints, I’ve not picked up a muskie rod in awhile.  And I believe why I like the digital darkroom so much is my other passion for tech, might seem strange with someone that loves the outdoors so much.  But growing up I was a Star Trek the Orginal Series nut.  I think that’s what brought on my computer passion.  As when I was in school computers were not present,(yes I’m that old) in the ’80s with the Mac revolution I decided to buy a computer and teach myself.  I’ve not looked back and learned so many cool things!  

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