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Organization For Your Photography Business.

  Let me start this by saying I hate taking allot of time to organize, if fact I think I’m much more inclined to do so in my digital life than my real world life, I think my sister got that gene, as she loves doing that:)  That why this title says it all!   As photographers,  we all have to find a way to allow us to catalog our images for easy access whenever we need them.  And in most cases, we want that to be as easy as possible!  But, here’s the kicker.  Do we forget to be as organized in relation to our business records as well?  This goes for any business.


So now you know where I’m going with this weeks post.  I’m going to start this by saying my job for many years was part owner/chef of a restaurant in the Milwaukee area.  When I say many years, 27 of them full time to be exact.   For most of those years, as with many businesses you had file cabinets full of papers, boxes from many years of receipts, etc.  Not to mention how much storage area this took, nor time if you had to look up anything.   Then in the 80’s, with the revelation of the personal computer.  I started looking into ways to streamline records work flows that I could.  This started simply with spreadsheets for inventory, being able to create my own professional looking menus as I wanted, etc.


So now forward to 2005.  I got out of the restaurant business, and started my own Personal Chef business.  So how am I going to take care of my records easily.  While not by today’s terms easy, I scanned recipes with my all-in-one printer as PDF’s, labeling them and manually putting them into folders.  Forward to now.  Last year I read a Digital book that both changed my thoughts on organization from a chore to wow.  The books title is Paperless, by David Sparks.  The book being digital in very interactive, giving you a clear understanding of not only one, but many ways to get your business papers under control easily.


Quite simply now.  I have two very quite ways to enter all my receipts and organize them with no fuss.  If I’m on the go with my phone, I use an app called Scanner Pro (Keep in mind, lots of options out there).  Scan and send to my computers titled Action Folder.  On my Mac, I use a Fujitsu Scan Snap scanner, which I scan to the Action folder.  When they reach the action folder, then are automatically sorted to there proper folders which I set up on an external hard drive as Records by a $25 app called Hazel.  

Hazel Application by NoodleSoft


Does that sound interesting to you?  Well I don’t get anything from it, but yes it did change my thoughts on organization, so I would encourage you again read the book!  I think it could help you as well.


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