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The New Lightroom is Here!

Well yesterday saw lot of new enhancements come out for Adobe’s Lightroom CC.   Some of these enhancements include the following, GPU/related enhancements, Face recognition, HDR photo merge, Panorama merge, Cure pet eye effect, Filter brushes, and Slideshow related improvements. If you want to see with this feature list is more in depth and how it works I encourage you to check out Adobe’s website at the following address:   You can also find out a lot more about these enhancements if you have a Kelby one membership. Or On1 membership.   And here’s a list of some other quick shortcuts.


The Develop Module:


• When using the Radial and Graduated Filters to make local adjustments, Shift + T will toggle between editing the filter and the brush.


• Shift-drag to constrain the Adjustment Brush movements vertically or horizontally.


• Click once, then Shift -click in another area with the Adjustment Brush to draw a straight line between the points.


• When Hovering the cursor over the top of the pin to display a Mask overlay for the Gradient and Radial filters.


• When cropping, there is a new Auto button (in the Angle area), that will try to do an auto level similar to the Upright command.


• Control + Tab allows you to cycle through the Upright modes.


• You can now choose CMYK profiles when using the Soft Proofing controls in the Develop Module.



Corel Painter Essentials 5.0


 For those of you that do not use Adobe he may have been looking into the software Corel painter. Was interesting I saw some recent reviews on how impressed they are by the natural media painting tools in the 2015 version of the software. But as a cost of $429 many have found painter’s  essentials 5 much simpler and more streamlined interface that is easier for newcomers to work with.   If you want to check out the software without buying it keep in mind you can download a free trial by Corel’s website.

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