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Two Software callouts

Hi everyone,

Hope your week was great, two pieces of software I'd like to suggest you check out.

1.  SnapSelect,  I've been using this for over a month now.   This software but out by MacPhun is designed to help you weed through your libraries of images to delete dulipcates.  Its cost is only 9.99.

2.  Pixalmator, for iPad yesterday released a new update for the iPad version ($9.99)  Version 1.1 includes a brand new watercolor painting feature, which can be used to create brand new pieces of art from a blank canvas or add stylistic additions to existing images and photos. Brushes overlay new colors additively with soft radiuses to create beautiful blends and shading. Pixelmator says they spoke to real artists to help design the brush strokes. 

Till next time Happy Clicking