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Sauk City, Wisconsin revisit.

Bald Eagle Fly By.

Bald Eagle Fly By.

  For many of us, winter can bring a bit of the blues.  Be it the lack of Sun, shorter days, or extreme cold.   Some of us embrace the winter, be it with Winter sports or activities like Downhill or Cross County skiing, Snowmobiling, Skating, etc.  When I was younger I used to Cross County Ski, and Snow Mobile.  Cross County I'd love to get back into, the way I keep a positive attitude is through my photography.  Be it trips to the Zoo, Nature walks in the newly fallen snow, or in this case, a mini trip.  

  Last year during the heart of the so-called polar vortex (still sounds like a song title to me, lol). I made a two day trip to Sauk City, WI.  My goal was to photograph Bald Eagles that overwinter the area around their.  They take advantage of the Dam located in the city keeping the water open on the Wisconsin river downstream.  Due to the extreme cold weather that year, there were many Eagle's in a small area. Ariel fights were common for food, and lots photo opportunities.

  This year, with the recent cold snap, I decided a revisit was in order.  When I arrived last afternoon, I found the light perfect.  And right away saw a pair flying near the Town's VFW post.  While there were not as many birds hanging around at any one time as last year, I did get to see birds most of the afternoon.    

  So if your looking for something to do this Winter, maybe line yourself up a mini trip.  Eagle's over winter many areas of our State, and info where can be had easily via the Web.  A shoutout to the Cranberry Inn, Hotel, a very nice place to stay in the Area.

  Till next time!