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Goals revisited!


Hi All, 


  Last time we talked about goals in your photography for the new year.  A friend of mine Jon, who just got himself a new camera outfit, has made his goal in the new year an image a day.  Mine, is to continue trying new places, many that I've just taken for granted.  For instance areas you drive through while on a trip.  This year.  I stopped and smelled the roses so to step in these areas, and found some wonderful areas to experience.  My other is to try to get out any chance I get, even just for awhile.  The image of the Amur tiger above was taken this last Sunday at The Milwaukee County Zoo.  It was our first cold snap, which also included snow.  But if I'd not gone, I would not have shared in the Amur tigers mock fight's.  Which by the way is quite impressive, two large cats going at it is very awe inspiring.  If you feel like sharing your goal in 2015, please feel free to respond to this post on my blog or Facebook page.  

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