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Meet Sossy

Tomiris and Son Sossy

  Sossy is a three month old Snow Leopard born at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  to Mother Tomiris, and father Genghis.  Tomiris is 14 year old, which made her the oldest Snow Leopard in a Zoo to have babies.  Sossy was born with splayed so he couldn’t actually walk on his own, The Zookeepers have been doing a lot of intensive physical therapy with him to correct his leg and now he can actually walk on his own. He can run around here.

  Every time I can talk or listen to one of the Zookeepers, you can see and hear how much they care for there charges.  And thanks to they love and care people who visit the Zoo can experience animals that they would quite possibly never have the chance to experience otherwise.  So next time you get to a Zoo in your area.  Enrich yourself by experiencing the Animals.  And listen too and thank the keepers!  They do there job out of love and commitment, and many times do not get recognized for there efforts!

  One last thing, I'd like to do a shout out to my god friend Scott Engel.  Scott just put out a book called "Milwaukee County Zoo Animal Photo Safari".  Check it out at his Web Site:



Next time I will be sharing observations on Nikon's new D750.  Till then, happy shooting.