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Random thought's about photography, and equipment related to it.


Due to twisting my ankle while on my morning walk this last Saturday morning, I had to lay low, stay home from work and elevate and ice my ankle.  Well, Sunday of course, was the first nice day we've had in a while, so I decided to grab my camera, and just drive around scouting spots t visit maybe later.

As I was driving down a road near the lake front in the city of Oak Creek, WI.  What do I see, but a pair of Turkeys right by the road.  The male, was displaying, and protecting his mate, who, I notice awhile after arriving, as she tried to move, she was limping badly.  I did stay and watch them for about 10 minutes, she only moved about five feet in that time.  I did call the local DNR office, and they said they would send someone out.

Just thinking about this photo yesterday evening, and today.  I am in awe at the loyalty that what is considered a dumb animal displayed in taking care of its mate.  Maybe its something we can all take to heart!

Protecting his Mate