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Random thought's about photography, and equipment related to it.

New Nikon D4S

  As many of you already know from the emails from your favorite camera store's  The new Flagship camera in the Nikon lineup is available for pre-order.  You can see it at Nikon web site:

  I will admit to being highly lured to the some of the great enhancements to the D4S, and I'm sure once in the hands of some of the photo great outs there, it will be well lauded.

Nikon D4S

  My thought's about this is two fold, if I had the money, would I buy it.  Most likely yes, but then my reasoning side comes out, namely telling me do I need it, more importantly will its price be justified in what it produces for me in results.  Let me explain, namely this is a twofold answer. One, with camera gear in general I believe your money should be spent more wisely first on the best glass for your needs of your photography. Cameras many times while enticing can be bought at about half the price if you wait a couple years. So yes, why would love the D4 S, I think what better value for me at this point is seeing if I could find a good used Nikon D3 S with bigger buffer and video capability.

 Happy shooting.