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Tough Winter cutting into your photography?

  Hi all, in the Midwest were I live, we have been experiencing a winter season that we've not had for quite awhile.  And of course, it's not just here, east coast  has gotten lots of snow, the West has been under going a long dry spell.  I know from personal experience, that sometimes makes it hard to get started on those photo adventures you'd like to try.

  What to do you ask?  Well, # 1, as we all know, if your out and about, keep a camera with you, you never know when that perfect capture will come along.  #2, try something new.  Myself, I going to try a trip to the Western half of the State to shoot Eagle's that hang around the dams on the rivers this time of year, taken advantage of the fishing opportunities.

Have a great day!

Three deer in Whitnall Park.

Three deer in Whitnall Park.