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Hope your Holiday Celebrations Were Enjoyable and Safe

Ringtailed Lemur

Ringtailed Lemur, Taken with Nikon D4 and F2.9 70-200mm Tamron Zoom.

  Hope your Holiday was great, and that you had time to spend with family and friends.  Mine was pretty subdued, as I had come down with the Stomach Flu a few days before.  But still got to spent some time with the family on Christmas Eve.

  The new year as always promises new gear to look at and help to make our images better hopefully, and while their is some great stuff out there.  I would just like to impress on you the best thing to help in getting better images!  That one thing is practice, any time you get with your camera in your hand helps you in so many ways, so if you've not yet, maybe make one of you new Years resolutions to shoot more.

  Till next time!