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Combination Little Plug and Idea For Holiday Giving

Stella and her three month old cubs @ Milwaukee County Zoo

Stella and her three month old cubs @ Milwaukee County Zoo

  What does my title to this posting mean?  Well glad you asked.  As I'm sure many that follow me know my passion is wildlife photography.  And any chance I get I'm out their with my camera attempting to do justice to the wonders in the world around us!  You will also find me many times at our local Zoo, (Milwaukee County Zoo).  As it offers me, until such time as I can make a African photo safari trip a chance to capture some of these awesome animals.

  Now to my point.  As photographers.  Many times we can get hung up in tools, camera, lens, accessories, etc.  That I feel we lose site as to what's the most important part of our passion, capturing the image!  So as I mentioned earlier, you can fine me at our local Zoo, at least once if not more a week.  Sometimes its what I would call a bust, but others, your lucky to catch that special moment, lately its been the new birth in the Big Cat wing.  The reason I'm saying this, is I just got an email from the Zoological Society of Milwaukee that my membership would need renewing next month.  also showing me how much I saved with my membership, which came to near 1200.00.  My membership costs, around 120.00, is good for parking, admission, and one guest as well,  plus other Zoo attraction extras, and reduced entry rates at many other Zoo's around the county.  And part is Tax Deductible.

  So in closing, with the holiday season fast approaching.  Maybe a membership for a local Zoo in your area might be in order!

Till next time!