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Thanksgiving, and Black Friday

  Wow what a week in so many ways.  First off in my area, the Temps that you'd expect in January came early.  Other areas of the county affected by this as well, along with some areas getting extreme amounts of snow.  The other of course being the flood of Black Friday deals.  What I do love about that is you can take advantage of them online!  Which for me is paramount.  AS the is no way in this world you would get me in a mall to shop on Black Friday, and or Thanksgiving itself, which I think is completely wrong.

  So here are some things I've seen that I'd like to pass along.   First off, a shout out to my friend and fellow Photographer Scott Engel on his latest book now on the iBook store.  Its titled "Animal Photo Safari"  By Scott Engel, and is 8.99.  Check it out.

  Second, looking for a camera for yourself or friend, spouse, etc.  But don't want to break the bank.  A second camera I've used for awhile now is the Nikon 1 V2 Camera.  This light weight camera is easy to carry, and a Nikon F1 Adapter allows you to use your Nikon F-mount lens as well.  Now the released a Version 3 of this camera as well.    I'm not going to go into great detail, but some of the major differences include:

Nikon 1 Version 2

Nikon 1 Version 2

Version 2:

  1. Faster Autofocus
  2. Faster Video Autofocus
  3. Has an external mic jack
  4. cheaper

Version 3:

  1. Significantly more focal points 171 vs 73
  2. Higher resolution rear display 1037 dots Vs 921 dots
  3. Better Color Depth
  4. Higher Light sensitivity 12,800 Vs 6400 ISO
  5. Flip out rear display
  6. Built in wifi to mobile phone app.

Nikon has also just released a 70-300mm lens for the Nikon 1 system, which truly takes this camera to the next level, you can check it out at Nikon web site at:

Below are a couple of quick pics taken at the Milwaukee County Zoo yesterday with the Nikon 1, and F1 Mount adapter with Nikon 50-200mm   

Tawney Frogmouths

Sossy and Mom, staying in from the rain.

  Please don't take my recommendation  of the Nikon 1 system as the only good option out their for high quality mirror less camera systems.  Fuji, Sony, and a number of others have great options out there!

  Now, as to learning about your camera, how to shoot, or using some of the most popular photo editing software out there, you can't beat Kelby One!  And they are running some great deals on memberships, video, etc. check them out at:  And it so happens there just released new training on mirrors camera systems!

  Lastly, don't forget, I do have many images available on my site for purchase, with more to come, and maybe a special, stayed tuned!Adapter

  Well, that's all for today, more to come this week. Please take time out of what can become a very hectic time of year, and make it more what its suppose to be, a connecting and spending quality time with friends and family.