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Ho, Ho, Ho The Holiday's

  Hi folks, and thanks for stopping by.  You can tell the holiday's are in full swing already, as the Malls are nuts, and shopping deals via email, catalog, flyers, and in the papers are all the rage!  What this means for us is added incentives to go out and purchase the latest and greatest.  But how on just one minute.  And read on.

  To that point, myself and good friend, and fellow photographer Scott Engel met up at the Zoo this last week, and of course among the things we talked about where some of the new camera bodies and lens that have, or will be coming out.  The big point, that both of us agree with before making any purchase of new stuff is ask yourself, will this improve my photography, after all, that's what we're al trying to do, right?   While I'm no stranger to the upgrading world, lol!  Any time I've bought something I've usually done this by trading up, meaning I buy a new camera body, I sell the other.  This does two things, allows me to upgrade without breaking the bank.  And I don't build up lots of stuff I don't use.   

On a fun note, when at the Zoo last.  The Amur Tigers were enjoying some enrichment with some toys purchases for them.  (Picture Below)  Next time, will talk a little about some cool new App's, The new Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 len.  Till then happy clicking!

amur tiger.jpg.

Amur Tiger, Taken with Nikon D4 and Tamron f2.8 70-200mm