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Random thought's about photography, and equipment related to it.

First Thoughts of Nikon D750

  Well I've been shooting with the D750 a little over a two weeks.  So far my impressions of the Camera are very good.  I love the built in WiFi, it enables me to get images on my smartphone/table without any extra hardware.  Though I love the feel of a big camera body like the D4, as I believe it helps to steady me, and with lens iI use often, like the Nikon 80-400mm, and Tamron 150-600mm.  Balance real well in my hands.  But the design of the 750, has more the feel of the D810.  Plus the swivel out display will allow shots I may not have tried before due to my knee's lol!  Lastly, one point I have not tried on it yet is the high quality video options it gives me, more on that soon!  Till next time, Happy clicks!



One of the boys.  one of the two Jaguar cubs, now almost 2 years old.

Sossy, New Snow Leopard Cub at the Milwaukee county Zoo.