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Lets talk Backup!

Hard Drives & Backups

Hard Drives & Backups

  Lots of photography blogs, articles, and training is based on the use of your equipment, and to promote growth on your learning to use these tools to come up with fantastic images to share.  Also telling you how to copyright and protect your images, or help in starting or promoting your photography business.  This is all great training, and I encourage it, to go further as well.

  The one thing that is mentioned very little, and yet possibly the most important.   Backing up your images!  In todays digital age, your negatives are your digital images.  So you may think, well I'm backing those up to my computer all the time.  That's great, but are you backing up the computer?  What happens if the computer crashes, and you find out the hard drive is what failed.  Well guess what, all your files, images, information in general is gone!  Yes you could try to take it to a data recovery place and see what they could do for you for a few thousand dollars, and maybe get some of it back.  Or you could start looking into backup solutions for yourself.  Large external hard drives now are quite reasonable in price.  For instance you can find 4TB drives for around 170.00.

  I'm not going to go into detail here about how to do backups.  But suggest you look at websites for your brand of computer and operating system.  I can not speak to all, but being a Mac user for years.  You will find great support articles for just about anything with your Mac (including backing it up)  at  and hit the support link.  You may ask, what do I do for a backup, great question.  I do use Time Machine which is build right into any Mac.  Its seamless, works in the background.  And only needs an external hard drive to backup everything on my computer.  For my images, I use a Promise Pegasus 2 R4 Raid drive, which backup all my images twice.  Yes you may think redundant.  But its all what your images are worth to you!.

  Till next time!