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Taking advantage of what's around us.

  After taking the Kelby class in Chicago a few weeks ago.  One comment that stuck home was the "Its always greener over the next hill"  or in other words.  Not taking advantage of the things around us that we take as common place because we live there.  With that in mind I decided to take a drive to downtown Milwaukee this last Sunday morning and take a small walking tour of my city.  One of the images I took was of our own City Hall, which until the 1ST Wisconsin Building was build was the tallest building in Milwaukee.  Build in 1895 it follows some classic German style building style of the time.

 So I guess the point I'm trying to make here, is next time you feel there's nothing interesting where you live, take a walk or ride around, you may be surprised at what you find.;)

Milwaukee City Hall, Downtown Milwaukee.  Build 1895

Milwaukee City Hall, Downtown Milwaukee.  Build 1895