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Cyber Monday

Hello Friends,

You maybe like me, and think that Thanksgiving has become way to commercial.  After all, who ready needs to go out to a store on Thanksgiving, that is a day to spend with your family, eat, relax, and do something that we can't do like shopping which we can do the other 361 days a year!

That rant stated, I do love to take advantage of deals on Cyber Monday.  After all being a camera, and tech guy, whats not to love!  All the camera stores and tech giants are running great specials to fill out your needs.  And if you wish to get more adept at your craft, great deals can be had at Kelby and NAPP today as well.  And here's my favorite part!  I don't have to go to a store if I don't want to, to take advantage of these saving.  So if you get a chance today, check it out on your time!


Happy Holidays!

Light my Way on a Winter Night

Light my Way on a Winter Night