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Random thought's about photography, and equipment related to it.

GeoTagPhotos Pro

  We all know as photographers that its easy to run up a big bill on equipment.  So we have to make good informed choices ion the stuff we buy, and will it fill a need, do it well, without needless expense.  As I'm into outdoor photography, mostly nature, I thought it be handy to have the ability to geo-tag my photo's.  And after looking I found a myriad of options for that purpose.  You find that with anything else you look at, you are going to find peoples plus and minus on that product.  I also found you have to be objective when looking at these reviews, did they bash a product just because they could not use it.  Or are they looking at it on a high level and making observations that not only are objective, but give the developer feedback of how to make the product better.



Long story, short.  I found an app in iTunes app store called GeotagPhotoes.Pro  Web site  (App Icon lower left hand side)  So far I have found this application to be very easy to use.  Their web site has great documentation as well.  Maybe something to look into during out cold winter day!

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