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The Glass Conundrum

  I bet you thought I’d talk about lenses.  Well,  actually we're going to discuss shooting through glass.   I’m sure you’ve noticed by followed me is that I spend quite a bit of time shooting at our city local Zoo.   The Milwaukee County Zoo, was built in the late 50's, and has been enhanced throughout the years.  Its goal was for people to see the animals in more realistic settings without bars or fences blocking the view.   Some of these enhanced viewing areas included extra strength transparent viewing areas in the building and some outdoor areas like the Big Cats.   This was state of the art at the time, and did achieve its goals of great viewing.    That said for us as photographers it does give us a set of problems to overcome.  These include distorted glass,  dirty from the animals or weather, glare from backdrops behind you reflected, and lastly your basically shooting through what would be considered another filter on your lens.   



    Well, how do you deal with these conditions and still get great images?  Glad you asked that.  If you shooting outside, watch the sun's angle as to where you're currently shooting, you might have to revisit that location later in the day depending on conditions.   Don't wear bright clothing, or you're going to see allot of reflections of yourself in the image.  You might want to wear a hat.   Not only is it an impromptu shade for your lens, you will find it great for blocking some light sources inside as well.   Plus if your going through a bird free-flight building it might save you a mess in your hair :)  Polarizing filters are also a must.  Try some test shots on various areas of the enclosure to see how they look, so to set yourself up for success when you got a chance at that once in a life time shot.

Snow Leopard, Mother, Son Portart


    Solutions equipment wise I would suggest for shooting in these conditions would include:   Fast glass lenses, and cameras that allow for high ISO settings.  I know what your thinking, high ISO!   you ‘ll have lots of noise in the image.  Well, here’s the thing,  if its a choice of getting the shot or not!   I will always choose to get the shot and live with a little noise.  Plus you know who tends to see the noise allot is your fellow photographers, not the person interested in your image.  

Female Amur Tigers, Mock Fight

   I shoot with Nikon, is that the only way to go?  Of course not.   As I started with Nikon lenses many years ago, and as we as photographers spend allot of money in that category,  is what I stayed with.  So any quality camera systems from Canon, Fuji, Sony, etc will do the job very well.  Camera bodies, are somewhat like computers, new features to hopefully enhance your photography are going to be released like higher ISO, faster shutter speed, weight, etc.  I shoot with three main camera bodies.   The Nikon D4, D750, and Nikon 1 V3.    These three cover all my needs, plus they can all shoot video as well.  

  Next time we’ll go over image editing software, why I use it, and quick and easy edits.

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   In many areas of the States including Wisconsin, spring is a time of rebirth,  of  seeing the last vestiges of the winter finally slipping away.  The longer hours of daylight have us enjoying the day more and more.  For us as photographers we may get to catch a species that alludes us most of the year.   Everyday bringing an ebb and flow to what you may see as they pass through on the way to there summer haunts.

Yellow-rumped Warbler Taken with Nikon D750 and Tamron 150-600mm Zoom

Yellow-rumped Warbler Taken with Nikon D750 and Tamron 150-600mm Zoom


Today, as with yesterday was rainy in my neck of the woods, but  around noon started to clear.  I decided to take a trek though some local parks.  Breaking out the Tamron 150-600mm Zoom and the Nikon D750.  I found besides the ever-present Canada Geese, Some Warbler’s, Orioles, and a Heron.  Who knows what I’ll find next time!  So if you have some time, just a little, get out there and enjoy both the spring and a chance at a pic you might not otherwise get!


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Organization For Your Photography Business.

  Let me start this by saying I hate taking allot of time to organize, if fact I think I’m much more inclined to do so in my digital life than my real world life, I think my sister got that gene, as she loves doing that:)  That why this title says it all!   As photographers,  we all have to find a way to allow us to catalog our images for easy access whenever we need them.  And in most cases, we want that to be as easy as possible!  But, here’s the kicker.  Do we forget to be as organized in relation to our business records as well?  This goes for any business.


So now you know where I’m going with this weeks post.  I’m going to start this by saying my job for many years was part owner/chef of a restaurant in the Milwaukee area.  When I say many years, 27 of them full time to be exact.   For most of those years, as with many businesses you had file cabinets full of papers, boxes from many years of receipts, etc.  Not to mention how much storage area this took, nor time if you had to look up anything.   Then in the 80’s, with the revelation of the personal computer.  I started looking into ways to streamline records work flows that I could.  This started simply with spreadsheets for inventory, being able to create my own professional looking menus as I wanted, etc.


So now forward to 2005.  I got out of the restaurant business, and started my own Personal Chef business.  So how am I going to take care of my records easily.  While not by today’s terms easy, I scanned recipes with my all-in-one printer as PDF’s, labeling them and manually putting them into folders.  Forward to now.  Last year I read a Digital book that both changed my thoughts on organization from a chore to wow.  The books title is Paperless, by David Sparks.  The book being digital in very interactive, giving you a clear understanding of not only one, but many ways to get your business papers under control easily.


Quite simply now.  I have two very quite ways to enter all my receipts and organize them with no fuss.  If I’m on the go with my phone, I use an app called Scanner Pro (Keep in mind, lots of options out there).  Scan and send to my computers titled Action Folder.  On my Mac, I use a Fujitsu Scan Snap scanner, which I scan to the Action folder.  When they reach the action folder, then are automatically sorted to there proper folders which I set up on an external hard drive as Records by a $25 app called Hazel.  

Hazel Application by NoodleSoft


Does that sound interesting to you?  Well I don’t get anything from it, but yes it did change my thoughts on organization, so I would encourage you again read the book!  I think it could help you as well.


Links to Items mentioned in this post

Paperless by David Sparks:

Hazel by NoodleSoft:


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The New Lightroom is Here!

Well yesterday saw lot of new enhancements come out for Adobe’s Lightroom CC.   Some of these enhancements include the following, GPU/related enhancements, Face recognition, HDR photo merge, Panorama merge, Cure pet eye effect, Filter brushes, and Slideshow related improvements. If you want to see with this feature list is more in depth and how it works I encourage you to check out Adobe’s website at the following address:   You can also find out a lot more about these enhancements if you have a Kelby one membership. Or On1 membership.   And here’s a list of some other quick shortcuts.


The Develop Module:


• When using the Radial and Graduated Filters to make local adjustments, Shift + T will toggle between editing the filter and the brush.


• Shift-drag to constrain the Adjustment Brush movements vertically or horizontally.


• Click once, then Shift -click in another area with the Adjustment Brush to draw a straight line between the points.


• When Hovering the cursor over the top of the pin to display a Mask overlay for the Gradient and Radial filters.


• When cropping, there is a new Auto button (in the Angle area), that will try to do an auto level similar to the Upright command.


• Control + Tab allows you to cycle through the Upright modes.


• You can now choose CMYK profiles when using the Soft Proofing controls in the Develop Module.



Corel Painter Essentials 5.0


 For those of you that do not use Adobe he may have been looking into the software Corel painter. Was interesting I saw some recent reviews on how impressed they are by the natural media painting tools in the 2015 version of the software. But as a cost of $429 many have found painter’s  essentials 5 much simpler and more streamlined interface that is easier for newcomers to work with.   If you want to check out the software without buying it keep in mind you can download a free trial by Corel’s website.

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New Adobe lightroom creative cloud lunch today

Adobe has launched Lightroom creative cloud today, podcasts are online right now from Scott Kelby and others for you to check out the new features. Please give time for the servers to get to you to download the software. Role out is not all at once but will be released on a time zone by time zone basis I believe.

Couple Items of Note

Hi All, just wanted to share a few bits of information to start off your week.  I've been very impressed with this camera and will follow up with a post about it shortly.  But if you've been on the fence, now might be the time to pull the trigger.    Nikon has cut the price of the D750 by an additional $300 instant rebate, bringing the price down to $1,999!

Note:  This rebate is temporary – it is only good till 04/25/2015 for both the body-only and the body + kit lens deals.

Nikon D750

Nikon has also announces the development of new firmware for its Nikon D4S, Nikon D810, and Nikon D750 digital SLR cameras.  check out the new additions at Nikon web site:

Scott Kelby will be running "Three Important Things for Photographers From Us"   There will be a number of airing times for this.  you can get all the info for those here:



Well, that it for now, have a great week!




Nikon Rebates for Apple

The Nikon lens only rebates are now gone. But there are new Nikon combo rebates for April:

Jay Maisel has been hailed as one of the most brilliant and gifted photographers of all time. But he is also much more than that–he is a mentor, teacher, and trailblazer to many photographers, check out his new book!

It's Not About the F-Stop (Voices That Matter) 

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Looking to Save a Little Green on New Camera gear?

  While I've stated in the past I buy from many places, I also like to support local business.  Notice I received today from a long time Business in the Milwaukee area.   "Arts Camera Plus" is running a deal that now until the Tax decline of April 15th.  They will pick up the tax on any purchase in there stores for $100.00 or more, when paired with cash.  If you getting a refund and looking to expand your camera gear, this might be the time.  You can check out detail here:

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Two Software callouts

Hi everyone,

Hope your week was great, two pieces of software I'd like to suggest you check out.

1.  SnapSelect,  I've been using this for over a month now.   This software but out by MacPhun is designed to help you weed through your libraries of images to delete dulipcates.  Its cost is only 9.99.

2.  Pixalmator, for iPad yesterday released a new update for the iPad version ($9.99)  Version 1.1 includes a brand new watercolor painting feature, which can be used to create brand new pieces of art from a blank canvas or add stylistic additions to existing images and photos. Brushes overlay new colors additively with soft radiuses to create beautiful blends and shading. Pixelmator says they spoke to real artists to help design the brush strokes. 

Till next time Happy Clicking

Still Running Perfect Photo Suite 8? Check out this deal!

Perfect Photo Suite is a great package of software to help you to enhance your vision of your photo’s.

For those of you still running Perfect Photo Suite 8, now might be the time to upgrade.  They have a special offer

That for $79.95 you can upgrade to version 9, and get the upgrade to 9.5 when it comes out in two weeks.

But also you will get Nicole Young’s guide to using Version 9, as well as Bonus: 12 Months with Matt Kloskowski.

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

  Yesterday while at work a co-worker who also shares a love of Star Trek asked me if I heard of Leonard Nimoy passing, at first hearing this I was taken aback, don’t get me wrong, I was aware that Mr Nimoy was in his 80’s, but it was Spock.  A person who I had never met in person, but who inspired me,  and shaped some of who I am today had been lost .  I’m quite sure I’m not alone in that feeling of loss.  But how is it a Actor, who played a part on a TV series and later movies could touch our lives so profoundly.  This is where I had a reflective moment, trying to recount how it came about.


  I can still remember the day that Star Trek first aired, and I heard the opening lines read by William Shatner.  Space the Final Frontier, These are the voyages of the Star Ship Enterprise….  And the flyby on the screen the Starship Enterprise.  I was hooked, being a 6 year old, who was hooked on Science Fiction be it on screen or in book form.   Even though I am now reaching 55 years in this time on this ever smaller planet.


  Sure, there was other Science Fiction shows at that time either shortly before of after.  Many were made by Irwin Allen.  Shows such as Lost in Space, Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea, and Time Tunnel.  And while I did watch and enjoy all those shows.  But there was something deeper and more personal in Star Trek, you could both see it and feel it.  That you had a community in space that worked together to fine solutions, this crew was made up of many races, but also worlds.  This while still hard for some people, in the 60’s was a much harder for some people to understand, let alone accept.  The camera many times would star the show panning onto the Bridge of the Enterprise, showing Captain Kirk in the Center seat surrounded by his command crew.   Then you saw him as they panned further around the Bridge, Mr Spock, science officer.  What made this something special, at least to me was the 


  Throughout the three seasons of their cut short five year mission you learned about the background of many of the character.    You find out that Spock is from the planet Vulcan, the Vulcan's are very intelligent, but also lay great weight in the concept of controlling their emotions, in their planet’s past,  emotions/passion's almost fueled the demise of their people.  And while Spock was what you think a Vulcan should be, you also learn that he is a Hybrid, as his Mother is Human.  Something he seems to at first try to maintain control of, but later embracing to a greater extent.  What you come to fine out about Spock, is though he seems aloof.  That he is well respected by his peers, loved afar by a nurse, and a consul highly respected by the Captain.


  This is how Spock influenced me.  In my early years, I was a smaller kid, as I was diagnosis a borderline Asthmatic, I had to get shots twice a week until I was 18 to control reactions which could be severe.  That and being a bit geeky, made me a bit of an outcast.  In school and around other friends we would play like most kids, but I had to watch it due to Allergies.  Bullying was a regular thing from some older kids.  At this point in my short life I could have easily either lashed out at others, or withdrawn completely.  But here’s the thing, Spock had taught me, they did not dislike me for who I was, it was because I was different and they could not understand that.  That's when I learned that no matter who you are, I always try to judge a person by what they say and do, not be who they are!  I may not like everyone, but I don’t hate them either, I’ve learned that this is their world as well.  And all of us our trying to make our way though it.  While I see this thought process in place in some of the better business throughout this country and others.  Unfortunately do not see it so much in leadership in our country's around the world.  I think I hope my wish for the future is that one day that would come about, hopefully before the 23rd century!


Till next time, I will restate the Vulcan parting!

Mr. Spock


Peace, Long Life and Prosper!



Looking to get a grip on your Nikon D750?

Hi all, 

  While I do like quality camera equipment, I’m sure many of us fall in the category😀!  The older I get I believe I try to make more informed choices on how and what I buy.  Thus to begin this thought, I had gotten a Nikon D750 this spring as another full frame camera body, and while I love that the camera is lighter and smaller than my D4.  I do miss a vertical grip like on the D4, so I started doing some research, remember google or whatever search engine you choose is your friend.  That said, just like Newspapers or media in general nowadays, you always want to do your do diligence, as not everything you read in a paper is true, nor is it on the internet.  

  So while searching I noticed that the Nikon grip had not even been released yet Nikon MB-D16 Multi Power Battery Pack for D750 thanks to the fine folk’s at B&H Photo, and will be going for $370.00.  Well you know what that mean’s, more searching.  Thus a little while later I came across one on Amazon by Neewer® Multi-Power Battery Grip Replacement for MB-D16 Works with EN-EL15 Battery + 2.4GHz Wireless LCD Display Remote Control for Nikon D750  .  As you can see this goes for $80.00, now do I expect the fit and finish of this grip to be on par with Nikon’s, No!  That said, I’ve been very surprised by its fit and finish.  But the addition of an extra battery is nice as well as the added try for Double A batteries in an emergency.  The shutter release button actually feels great on this grip both half-pressing and fully depressing the button worked great. Overall a great value for the money.


Built-in FSK 2.4G wireless remote control, up to 100 transmission distance. 

The Replacement MB-D16 is equipped with a shutter release button, AE/AF lock button, multi selector, and main- and sub-command dials for improved operation when taking photographs in portrait orientation. buttons and custom buttons. 

LCD display timer remote function, setting the delay time, exposure time, interval and number of sheets photo. 

Vertical shot becomes as easy as horizontal shooting. 

It can be powered either by six AA batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH or Lithium), or EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion batteries. (Battery not included). 

Greatly provides the power for continuous shooting and improves your work efficiency. 

Sealing design to keep the water and dust penetrating. 


Battery Grip

Working Voltage: 7.2V-8.4V 

Working Temperature: 0°C - 40°C 

Applicable battery: 1 EN-EL15 Lithium battery,6AA batteries(NOT included) 

Remote Controller

Working Voltage: 3V 

Working Current: Less Than 50mA 

Working Temperature: 0°C - 40°C 

Battery: 2x AAA battery(NOT included) 

Package Contents:

1x Battery Grip for Nikon DR750 

1x Remote Controller



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Happy 25 Birthday "Adobe Photoshop"

  This mainstay in the creative world for celebrates 25 years.  This application originally designed for the Mac platform only.  Adobe has a 25 second video showing some great points along this very influential software career.  You can catch it here:


  Adobe has also slated and number of events including an interview with Thomas Knoll, one of the softwares creators.


Rustic Road near Lake Geneva, WI

Rustic Road near Lake Geneva, WI

  With us now being in the middle of Winter I find myself reminiscing to photo trips of the past year.  Many times I'd doing this recall to start planning on what I'd hope to do this next season in my photography journey.  While doing that this morning I ran across some images I took in a impromptu fall outing this last fall.  When I woke up that morning, I found that after days without sun, I was going to be blessed with some sunshine.  So I decided to just take a drive around Southern Wisconsin and see what I could see.  The images I'm sharing today where taken around Lake Geneva, WI.


Fall colors 2014

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Sauk City, Wisconsin revisit.

Bald Eagle Fly By.

Bald Eagle Fly By.

  For many of us, winter can bring a bit of the blues.  Be it the lack of Sun, shorter days, or extreme cold.   Some of us embrace the winter, be it with Winter sports or activities like Downhill or Cross County skiing, Snowmobiling, Skating, etc.  When I was younger I used to Cross County Ski, and Snow Mobile.  Cross County I'd love to get back into, the way I keep a positive attitude is through my photography.  Be it trips to the Zoo, Nature walks in the newly fallen snow, or in this case, a mini trip.  

  Last year during the heart of the so-called polar vortex (still sounds like a song title to me, lol). I made a two day trip to Sauk City, WI.  My goal was to photograph Bald Eagles that overwinter the area around their.  They take advantage of the Dam located in the city keeping the water open on the Wisconsin river downstream.  Due to the extreme cold weather that year, there were many Eagle's in a small area. Ariel fights were common for food, and lots photo opportunities.

  This year, with the recent cold snap, I decided a revisit was in order.  When I arrived last afternoon, I found the light perfect.  And right away saw a pair flying near the Town's VFW post.  While there were not as many birds hanging around at any one time as last year, I did get to see birds most of the afternoon.    

  So if your looking for something to do this Winter, maybe line yourself up a mini trip.  Eagle's over winter many areas of our State, and info where can be had easily via the Web.  A shoutout to the Cranberry Inn, Hotel, a very nice place to stay in the Area.

  Till next time!




Canon 50.5 megapixel Exciting New DSLR for Still Photography

Hi Folks, some exciting news from Canon this week.  They released  EOS 5DS and 5DS R DSLR Cameras.

The cameras sport a strong set of features, like.

A 50.6-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor
Dual DIGIC 6 Image Processors
An ISO range of 100-6400 (which can be expanded to 50 or 12800)
A 61-point High Density Reticular AF system (including 41-cross-type points)
Continuous shooting rate of 5 fps
Optical Intelligent Viewfinder II with 100% coverage
3.2" ClearView II LCD monitor
Full HD video and Time-Lapse Movie function
Mini-plug mic input, no headphone output


Check out a short video presentation by the folks at B & H Photo::

Looking for a great printer for your books and prints!

  There are a number of great outfits out there for your printing needs, and I've used quite a few of them to great results.  But one that I've used repeatedly has been Adoramapix.  I had a number of photo-books and mental prints done by them.  There online resources are easy to use, quick shipping and they run deals on and off throughout the year.  If you want to try them for yourself follow the link, you'll get five dollars  back on your first order.

Gear You Might Want to Consider

  I know, myself included, that we can get very hung up in the Camera gear for our photographic adventures.  But how often do we think of the support gear?  Things like clothing, bags, cleaning supplies, etc.    For instance, as I frost bit my hands when I was young, they have since been very affected by cold.  But trying to shoot with big gloves on. Is trying at best.  Solution, a pair of Military surplus gloves liners.  I picked these up at a local surplus store many years ago, so they do last, plus you can still wear a thicker glove or mitt to keep warmer between shoots.   And you also might make out a hand warmer pocket on the back.

Military Surplus Glove liners

Military Surplus Glove liners

  Another important area of our bodies when exposed to the elements tends to be the feet.  I admit, I'd rather be wearing athletic shoes then just about any other type of shoe.  And when driving any distance I hate wearing boots, its just not comfortable.  But then of course you get there, and see you have to travesty some low water or snow, not good, right?  Well yesterday while visiting some fellow photographers web sites, on Rick Sammon site, in his gear area he mentions overshoes called Neo's.  After checking them out, it looks like a great thing to carry in the car when needed, or in your luggage on a trip.  I ordered a pair, be sure to follow there sizing suggestions on there site, you can check them out here:

Neo Overshoes

Neo Overshoes

Till next time, Happy Clicking!